Cane toads. The saga of the cane toad is a lengthy comedy of errors. Sugar cane was introduced in Australia as a cash crop in the late 1700s but suffered from biological attack by two species of beetle. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be there.
So, Queensland sugar crafters introduced the cane toad from Hawaii in 1935 to eat the bugs… Females lay up to 30,000 eggs in each batch and from an original landing of 101, the toads multiplied to 60,000 in 6 months.. I believe the breeders were delighted and they actually released the whole lot!
But guess what?? As it panned out, cane toads are nocturnal. And the beetles they were meant to eat are active during the day, so they never met for lunch and the program proved useless. (an effective insecticide became available 5 years later!)
Cane toads are a plague. They rank with the greatest environmental disasters on earth..
 A cane toad spat poison towards me yesterday… Just missed me for a inch..they give me the shivers!!!!
 But the funny part, is that cane toads have a long a glorious race history. In Mount Tamborine there’s a cane toad race every Sunday, with part of the winnings going to charity.
Yeah, I like Australians. There would be few other nationalities with the Gumption and unceremonious lack of political correctness to race an environmental plague, and gamble on the outcome! Jokes aside, Aussies are very serious about their environment and protection measures have been put in place!

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