Running In The Back Of The Pack




I hadn’t run in months – I was definitely not feeling confident, but it was something we did each year so I should do it… Right?

I may be slower than the middle of the pack but my passion for running is back stronger than ever. It is hard to find the time and it always sounds like excuses when you didn’t exercise.
sofia in Australia Bridge to Brisbane

Bridge to Brisbane

The great thing about a running event is that you realise there are so many positives about taking part. It is enjoyable rather than the lonely early start that after time becomes so easy to just slide out the hand to the snooze button… Now with a fun run you get a big sense of achievement, you start to remember the good things about those early mornings!


You also get other things from an early morning run than a clear memory or insight. It is about taking part, running or walking with your family and friends. Getting out there!
I am not the fitness guru. I don’t finish at the front, or even the middle of the pack when I run. But I still feel great. I enjoy myself and my pride in waking up before 5am to do a run is no less because my time was not making any news! What can I say, I just love adventure; a new experience; a festival atmosphere with those close to me.



  1. Comment by Didi

    Didi Reply 09/09/2014 at 6:38 AM

    You did well, Sofia!

  2. Comment by Helena

    Helena Reply 09/09/2014 at 11:11 AM

    That's the spirit

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