There have been a few #roxyfitness events around the world now and they all have one thing in common… Fitness is made fun!

Women of all ages come together on the weekend in a great location to get active, feel great while soaking up the sea, sun and fun.

Roxy moved this great experience to the Gold Coast and it couldn’t have been a better day for it.

The #roxyfitness event showcases exactly what Roxy is all about. It celebrates outdoor activities and good vibes: run, water and yoga. It encourages an active and healthy lifestyle linked to the beach culture.

Roxy gets it right! There is nothing better than getting a good group of babes together to run, stand-up paddle and stretch at Snapper Rocks in the name of outdoor fun.

The energy today was amazing.

Kicking off the day, ROXY invited girls to say NAMASTE in style!

roxy fitnessWith the beach as our yoga studio and the ocean as the soundtrack, we stretched and flowed with the Roxy instructor in preparation for a fun day ahead. After warming up with our best downward dog, we dusted the sand off our toes and got ready to take part in a scenic 5 km run along the most famous surfing point breaks- Snapper to Kirra, on the beautiful Gold Coast. To finish, ROXY took us to the water on a 1km stand up paddle race.

This is fitness the ROXY way…

roxy fitness

Think about hundreds of women flooding the beach to pick up their registrations, all wearing bright colours, huge grins on their face, and full of inspiration. Everyone was so pumped to hit the sand and get into a morning of Yoga and exercise, together as girls, just having fun being active. It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like minded women. Starting the morning overlooking the surf with some yoga had everyone’s spirits really high.

roxy fitness

We are definitely spoiled to have the stunning Snapper as a background. Toward the end of the class everyone formed a circle and swayed together as one. It was magical. ROXY really continues to encourage women to get fit, be confident and have fun, regardless our age.

roxy fitness

After the yoga, most of us got ready for running. Admittedly, I’m not the fittest person in the world… Having a baby 6 months ago has definitely taken a toll on my fitness. I was nervous about this part. Even so, I couldn’t resist joining in- it was a fun run, after all… The only down side for me was the heat. Running in 30 degrees on a humid day was not easy, but I kept looking at the stunning surf along the way to help me focus! At the finish line, we all had a dip in the sea.

roxy fitness

It’s cool to see so many motivated and inspired girls running along the Superbank, encouraging each other and crossing the finish line happy with their day and the great vibes.

roxy fitness

But this wasn’t the finish Roxy had in mind. SUPing was! This is all about being free but if you’re a first timer you might feel some muscles that have not been used much! This is a great core workout and a perfect way to finish the day

roxy fitness

It was one of those days that just feels surreal; Everyone was on a super natural high from the activities , so much happiness, love, and excitement being beamed around. Roxy gave the invitation and delivered- they brought fun while we ran, SUPed and stretched and we couldn’t be happier!

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