Steph Gilmore
Steph Gilmore

Surfing is a very unique sport in many ways. What other competitive sport do you see where a competitor can’t complete what they set out to do because the field disappeared for half the game?!

While there are many people who do this sport- nearly every second person where I live surfs, regardless of age or gender- there are far less people who come to watch the competitions.

This year I have immersed myself in the world championship tour and was fortunate enough to see and meet the surfers up close before and after they competed at the Roxy and Quiksilver Pro.

Gold Coast Pro

Gold Coast Pro

It is a very different thing to watch it on TV or online and another to experience it live… Despite the challenges that surfing has for a spectator, it ¬†truly is an amazing spectacle.


You really notice the commitment and hard work that the athletes put in. Forget about the physical part which must be tough but it has to be emotionally draining when you are unsure whether you compete shortly or the next day; planning how you will approach the waves and your competitor depending on the conditions and your strengths.

But when it is all said and done, the sheer joy that came across the winners’ faces was clear to see. And how fitting for a place like Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast to have a local surfer and a Brazillian take out the championships in the women’s and men’s events! Well done Steph and Gabriel!

The other great thing about being a surfer?

Next stops Bells Beach and Margaret River!….






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