You’ve booked the ultimate trip for you and your honey to Mexico City. Now it’s about planning the details. Take it from me, here are some of the highlights of the city and the most romantic hot spots you won’t want to miss.


Getting There

Sometimes the least romantic part of the trip is getting there. So make it easy on yourself. If you’re flying, pack light. Don’t check a bag. You’ll feel less bogged down and you’ll spend less time getting ready. Bring a few plain wrinkle-resistant dresses that you can spice up with a simple and space-saving chain belt or statement necklace. And forget the heels, which always take up the most luggage space. Opt for chic lace-up gladiator sandals you can rock anywhere. Don’t forget breathable, casual options for daytime. I love anything linen or chambray.

Driving can result in some not-so-romantic drama. Most car rental companies strictly prohibit taking their vehicles across an international border. Avoid the drama and buy a car locally instead.


Museo Frida Kahlo

Those eyebrows, that faint lady has been gracing the walls of the best art collectors and museums for decades. Frida Kahlo was an artist, a muse and freedom fighter. She changed her birthday by three years later. Not out of vanity, of course, as Frida was a bold feminist, but because it was the same year as the Mexican revolution.

The famed yet strained relationship between passionate prodigal artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera isn’t exactly the most romantic story line (neither was completely sane, nor faithful). But Diego immortalisation of his wife on canvas is enough to make a girl swoon and his deathbed confession that the best part of his life had been his love for his wife is almost redeeming. The best art, like love, is kind of crazy.

Take a guided tour of this incredible museum to bond over art, love and passion. Book your tour a week in advance and don’t forget to bring your student or teacher ID for a substantial discount.

frida kalo

Iglesia de San Hipolito

Iglesia de San Hipolito translates to “Church of the Old Saint,” and old it is! It was dedicated to the Patron Saint of Colonia Centro (the central or main colony) by the invading Spaniards in the year 1521! The Baroque architecture and Moorish influenced interior will give you sweet decorating dreams a beautiful visual inspiration. Don’t forget to steal some kisses under the famed bell tower.


Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes)

Located in the heart of downtown Mexico is a museum, a concert hall and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world! Commissioned by architecturally obsessed Mexican President Porfirio Diaz. Inside you can find murals, statues and everything in between in Baroque, Nouveau and art deco styles. At night, the concert hall is breathtakingly lit and features the local symphony or ballet.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest structure at Teotihuacan near Mexico City

Teotihuacan Pyramids Hot-Air Balloon Tour

Doesn’t get much more romantic than this. Get up and into the clouds with your honey and do some stress-free sightseeing! For less than $250 per person, you can take the ride of a lifetime to see history from the sky. Don’t you love idea of a hot air balloon ride as a way to stop worrying about traversing unfamiliar terrain and rubbing elbows with all the other tourists? Me too.

Plus, the Teotihuacan pyramids are positively breathtaking. Next to the holy city of Teotihuacan, or “the city of the gods,” this unbelievable edifice is just 30 miles from Mexico City. Geometry, religion, architecture, cosmology, astrology; the symbolism and thought behind these fantastic monuments are even more evident from the air.


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    Ban Essa Reply 30/07/2019 at 10:34 AM

    Lately,I have been searching for a unique place in Central America to spend my summer holiday with the rest of my family and after reading your post we would like to visit Mexico City as it is a very interesting and relaxing place.
    i would like to thank you for sharing your beautiful travel experience.
    also I just I want to ask you ,
    What is the best month to visit Mexico City ?

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