Rimowa Luggage vs. Bric’s Luggage – Compare These Two Iconic Suitcase Brands


Rimowa Luggage and Bric’s Luggage are two hugely popular companies in the world of suitcase brands. Each offers it owns set of unique products with their own stylish features, making these brands synonymous with fashion and travel convenience.

From suitcase sets to luggage accessories and everything in between, you can find exactly what you need and feel proud to show off these items while you travel. But which brand is right for you? Check out the information below to compare Bric’s and Rimowa against one another.

Bric’s Luggage and Its Offerings

Bric’s Luggage offers several collections to choose from, each with its own styles and products. In fact, there are a total of 12 collections available on the company website. There are also several products under the categories of handbags, business class, and travel bags.

Regardless of what category of products you shop in, Bric’s is known for its high quality materials and fine craftsmanship. The items that are produced by this manufacturer are sure to please even the most fashion forward man or woman.

For travel, in particular, you can choose from carry-on luggage, trolleys, duffles, rolling duffles, garment bags, and travel accessories like shave cases, backpacks, and train cases.

brics luggage

Rimowa Luggage and Its Many Products

Another option in the luxury luggage market is Rimowa. And while Bric’s offers fashionable fabric luggage for your travels, with Rimowa, you’ll find light luggage that’s made from a high-tech polycarbonate material, as well as more traditional and sturdy aluminium cases.

What differentiates Rimowa from other luggage brands with the same types of products is its innovative approach and the unique groove structure in its many case shells. In addition to aluminium suitcase sets, there are also several polycarbonate luggage sets to choose from, all in a range of colours to suit your preferences.

For those who prefer leather, you can find smaller travel accessories for both men and women. These include purses, covers for your electronic devices like your tablet and smartphone, passport covers, keyrings, and more.  rimowa bag


Despite offering different types of travel products, Rimowa and Bric’s are both on the expensive end. In fact, Rimowa is known for its expensive pricing on its products, especially when compared to other similar companies in the luggage market.

But, like all other products on the market, you do get what you pay for, so it really is no wonder that these unique brands would charge more than the more generic brands out there.

Making a Choice

Regardless of which brand you go with, you can expect to find products that are exceptionally designed and manufactured with style in mind. Whether you opt for Rimowa’s high-tech and super sturdy products or you’re more concerned with having beautiful Italian style to show off with Bric’s products, you can create a complete luggage set for your business travels or upcoming holidays.

You can shop for Rimowa and Bric’s products both in stores and online, and there are many different items to choose from so you can find the ones that suit your style and budget best.

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