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Parks Canada decided to up their marketing game a few years ago and create the Red Chairs Experience Program. They placed red Adirondack chairs in many of the country’s national parks and national historic sites.

The chairs have been placed strategically in most scenic and stunning locations around n many of the country’s national parks and national historic sites, as o provide more opportunities for visitors to connect with nature, unwind, and truly experience the best of Canada.

red chairs canada

Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies, is filled with glaciers, lakes and peaks. Jasper’s highlights include Mt Edith Cavell, Maligne Canyon, the incredible Columbia Icefield, Pyramid Lake and Sunwapta Falls. There are seven sets of red Adirondack chairs throughout Jasper National Park.

We haven’t synth all, however the ones we were at had a stunning view and was always a good excuse for Noah to have food with a view. I think in every red chair we were Noah had a meal there.

red chairs

Great to seat down and take it all in!

Locations of The Red Chairs in Jasper

  • Lake Edith
  • Pyramid Overlook Trail
  • Lower Maligne day Use area
  • Old Fort Point Trail on the ‘second summit’
  • Wilcox Pass Trail
  • Valley of the Five Lakes, between the third and the forth Lakes.

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