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planning ahead your road trip

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Hitting the road with the family at Christmas can be a wonderful holiday experience – giving you all time to reacquaint yourselves with each other and to explore parts of the country you may not have seen before. But like every ‘adventure’, trouble can be just around the corner if you don’t take a few simple precautions before you hit the road. Here are a couple of things you might like to consider before you venture off during this yuletide season.

Be Aware of your Legal Rights

Let’s start with the most scary prospect and, hopefully, the least likely to occur. Legal rights and responsibilities. While it is unlikely, taking a car, family and sundry bits and pieces on the road can lead to all sorts of trouble. Car accidents, theft, and accidental damage – any one of these things could happen to you at any given time. As a bit of insurance, research a reliable legal firm with experience in motor vehicle accidents and issues. An expert firm such as GC Traffic Lawyersis just one of many that could provide you with some peace of mind.

Take all your Papers

Should the unimaginable happen and you need to bring in the traffic lawyers, you’re going to need all the back-up documentation you can think of. Make sure you pack your registration and insurance papers for the car, and some form of identification for everyone travelling with you. Trust us, you’ll be glad you have them in your glove box when you’re standing on the side of a road arguing ownership with a burly cop.

Plan Ahead

Part of the charm of a road trip is the freedom it gives to go where you want to, when you want to and change your mind at the last minute. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do at least a little planning ahead. Have a look at your options before you leave. Know where the best motels are situated, be aware of which long roads have no petrol stations during their length and check that road works aren’t going to force you to detour from your chosen route. A little research before you go will take some of the ‘unknown obstacles’ out of the trip.

Take the Car for a Service

Just because your car has run well all year, it doesn’t mean some mechanical part isn’t just waiting until you are on a long, open stretch of road to snap, break or drop off. Regardless of how well you look after your vehicle, if you are going on a long trip, have it checked out by a mechanic before you go. The only thing worse than breaking down on holiday is the knowledge that it could easily have been prevented.

Join a Roadside Rescue Service

And while you’re at it, join a road side breakdown service before you go. Even the most maintained cars can have unexpected mechanical difficulties. So if you breakdown, despite all your best checks and intentions, you know someone is nearby to give you a hand.

There is no point risking a disastrous holiday for the sake of a little care, research and pre-trip planning. Follow these simple precautions and you will have a much better chance of enjoying a great Christmas road trip.

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