Rainy Days On The Gold Coast


gold coast beaches on rainy days
Even on rainy days, a walk along the beach is priceless!

There are some destinations made for the sun and an active lifestyle. The Gold Coast, with 300 sunny days a year is a classics spot for enjoying the outdoors and even shopping combines outdoor areas. The question becomes, what do you do when there is constantly rain?!

While it would be nice to order up some sun don’t let the rain spoil your days. Here are 5 top things to do on the Gold Coast on a rainy day:

Indoor Rock Climbing

Paramount Adventures - West Burleigh

Paramount Adventures – West Burleigh

My very favourite. Right in the middle of the Gold Coast at West Burleigh you will find Paramount Adventures with 850 square metres of walls more than 11 metres high. And the best part is that they have options for all levels, from begginers to experts. You will soon forget if it is cold, raining and grey as you challenge your physical and mental capacity to get to the top. It’s challenging but lots of fun!

Gold Coast Art Centre

No, the Gold Coast is not just about beach culture. At the Art Centre you can grab a glass of wine and catch a movie, laugh at the comedians at the Basement or enjoy one of the top national or international art exhibitions on tour all under the same roof!

Indoor Go Karting

Indoor Go Karting

Indoor Go Karting

This is cool. This place will get your adrenaline moving with up to 12 karts allowed on the track at the same time.


Cafe culture

The Gold Coast has been influenced by its tourists and a wonderful array of people who have fallen in love with the place. It may come as a surprise that this city is a bit of a foodie heaven. Nothing beats cold wet days like comfort food and a red wine.

Nothing says relaxation better then a warm mocha or coffee and the Goldy has many great spots to challenge the coffee connoisseur critique. Even near the famous surf spots around Snapper Rocks, you will find cafes like Bambi Deluxe tucked away that serve an excellent cup of coffee. If you have the time, why not grab a board game at the Black Coffee Lyrics and check out the live music on a comfy couch with the sound of rain.

Rainy Days and Hot Chocolate

Me Time

A rainy day wether you are on holidays or not, might be the perfect chance to relax and soak up a little “me” time. Take the time to just be or do a little planning and save yourself the stress and missing out on some cool opportunities.

So many places have wifi and it is so great for a traveller to hunt out a bargain while travelling- a massage, a tour, a meal. All of these things can be heavily discounted. You just need to know where to look! Check out Cuponation – you might find a great promotion to get out of the rain for a day, or even longer…


  1. Comment by michaelmaloney

    michaelmaloney Reply 15/10/2014 at 2:35 AM

    It's been a while since I've seen options for rainy days in the Gold Coast and the indoor rock wall inside the storage warehouse really does look like something exciting for us to recommend to some of our friends who are interesting in doing something a little bit more adrenaline pumping hey!

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    Anonymous Reply 25/02/2015 at 1:57 PM

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