Rainy Days in Vancouver | Canada


Easy …just be like a local and pretend it’s just another liquid sunshine day. In a city that is often called Raincouver there is plenty to do in days like this.


Queen Elizabeth Park’s Bloedel Conservatory

Under the glass triodetic dome, this perfect antidote to a rainy day – a warm mini-paradise of palm trees, fragrant flowers and clusters of ripening bananas. It’s also home to a cawing coterie of parrots and busy canaries engaged in rowdy birdseed-hoarding battles.


 University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology

Alternatively, the Great Hall of the University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology is ideal for watching raging storms pelt the floor-to-ceiling windows. Home to many breathtaking First Nations’ artifacts.


 Granville Island Public Market

The island’s best storm-weathering hangout is Granville Island Public Market. Snag a window table and watch the rain-soaked gulls on the False Creek shoreline while staying warm with a cup of ginger rooibos from the market’s Granville Island Tea Company


Science World

Escape the rain by spending the afternoon at Science World. We took Noah here and we fell in love. This hands-on museum where kids and grown-ups learn about outer space, dinosaurs, health science and more.

science world

Vancouver Aquarium

Roll out your sleeping bag and spend the night at the Vancouver Aquarium. This is a unique sleepover that will give you  an up-close look at marine creatures and their underwater environment — all while staying dry.

vancouver aquarium

Vancouver Public Library’s central branch

Get lost in the literary world at the Vancouver Public Library’s central branch. This nine-storey, Coliseum-like structure holds more than 1.3 million books, periodicals and reference materials, free for the browsing.


 Regional Assembly of Text

A hip stationary store lined with must-have journals, quirky Vancouver postcards and an under-the-stairs reading room crammed with handmade chapbooks – hosts its regular social night.

From 7 p.m., this free-entry Letter Writing Club offers all-comers the chance to hammer away on vintage typewriters, crafting missives to loved ones as the rain whips the windows outside. The perfect way to spend a wet evening indoors, find a chair, compose your thoughts and thump out your letter:

assembly of text vancouver

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