Quiksilver Pro 2015, Gold Coast

Quiksilver Pro 2015, Gold Coast

Surfing in many ways is a simple sport. You don’t need a board, but it is more fun with one. You find a wave, paddle with enough speed to catch a wave and enjoy a short thrill as you move toward the shore. You can be as creative, energetic and radical as you wish to be. Professional surfers live the dream for anyone who loves this sport. They travel to some of the best locations in the world, cordon off some of the best beaches in the world and catch these waves for their, and our viewing pleasure.
It all seems so perfect…
kelly slater and Joel Parkinson chatting on the quicksilver pro

Chatting before hitting the water

The new World Surf League experienced the trials and tribulations we have all felt as surfers. We dream of catching the perfect wave and demonstrating, if not to anyone else but ourselves, our ability to ride these walls of water for as long as possible. We just need one thing: swell.

Everyone has experienced it. You wake up excited and expecting great waves to be left deflated, confused and annoyed driving around to find a coffee shop open to take away some of the red-eyed sting of the early morning disappointment!

Even with small waves

The pros and WSL don’t usually experience this in a championship tour. Yet, this was what happened for the beginning event of the tour at Snapper… In a twist that is leaving many wondering if this event was cursed, there were amazing swell periods leading up to the event and now, as I write, good swell once again!

Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning relaxing inside Quiksilver tent

Relaxing inside Quiksilver tent

Broken boards on rocks as surfers tried to ride small waves to glory, no weekend swell for the usual big crowds, upset early defeats as surfers struggled with small conditions, the top surfer swearing in post-heat interviews… It seemed nothing was working out for the opening round!
Felipe Toledo

Felipe Toledo

“What now?! Can this get any worse?!” I heard the exclaim from a Quiksilver sponsor as a storm erupted just as the presentation to the winner was about to commence. A full beach started to become deserted, except of course for the deservedly proud Brazillian fans of Felipe Toledo. This event had it all but the big waves.

Julian Wilson lost for Felipe Toledo but in a very good mood

Special mention has to go to Julian Wilson who was gracious in defeat and kept perspective on all of this “drama”. Julian remained stoked to be surfing and keen to do as best he can to then sell his (signed) boards to raise funds for breast cancer research.

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