The track leads you around the top of the escarpment, crossing a wooden bridge over a small rocky creek, descending into a valley with thick rainforest. You will stop. You need to. In front of you there is Purling Brook Falls, plunging more than 100m into the valley. It’s definitely spectacular. The view is impressive from every angle, and especially magical when can actually walk behind the waterfall.
The water spray will wet you and you can look up and see the size of this place and the rest of the forest. You really notice how small and insignificant you are in this rainforest and the noise of the waterfall is so strong that you can barely hear anyone even though there has been little rain recently. All of this is suddenly forgotten. You see a sign as you start your next part of the walk: steep ascent ahead. This is not an easy walk. You are about to climb the equivalent of 61 flights of stairs in 243m…not even funny..

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