Prepping for an Aussie Road Trip


Australia is a beautiful country, and you will see more of it if you travel it by taking a road trip. As long as you are well prepared, it will be an experience of a lifetime, and one that will mean you enjoy an adventure like no other.



The first thing you need to do is decide what transport you are going to use. In some ways, car rentals are the best option as if you break down or have any other sort of problem with your vehicle; it only takes a phone call to get a replacement vehicle to you. You should inform the rental company that you would be traveling, so they are aware their car may be in a different state.

If you want to buy a vehicle for your road trips, you should also have a few spare parts that can easily need replacing. Tires are the obvious example, but then there are also things such as fan belt’s that can break, and maybe even a spare battery. If you are stuck in the outback, it can be costly to get a tow truck to get you to a garage for a repair.

roadtrip australia

Plan Your Route

Most of the time a large part of Australia is warm, but it does have its seasons. You should plan your route so that you avoid deserts at the height of summer, and northern Australia in the wet season because of the risk of cyclones and floods.

If you want to earn some extra cash while you are traveling, make sure you are in the right part of the country in the fruit-picking season, which generally lasts for a few weeks each year. The time of year varies in different locations, but there is lots of information available online that will tell you what is picked where and when.

Following the weather you want can make your trip a long and varied one, and some people spend a couple of years on the road.



Write a list of the items you will need. Don’t rely on your memory, as you will be bound to forget something. Your list should include things for camping, sleeping bags, maps and compass, first aid kit, any medication you may need and your backpack or suitcase.

You need to make sure that everything you need to take will fit into your vehicle without too much of a problem. If you are having a friend tag along with you, sharing some of the items can help with this. For instance, you only need one hair dryer or electric shaver. Taking two of everything just takes up valuable space that could be used for other things.

roadtrip australia


Plan your budget carefully. If you plan to travel around most if the country, that will take a long time and you need to make sure your money lasts. You may be able to earn other bits of cash along the way, and keeping costs low is not too difficult. However, you do not want to find that after just three months or so you have no money left, as that could make your road trip come to an abrupt end.

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