Planning the Perfect Travel Party


If you are about to embark on an epic adventure around the globe or have just returned home from immersing yourself in a foreign culture, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a travel-themed party and invite round all your nearest and dearest friends. Whether you want to gain advice about how best to navigate the world or take the opportunity to share the stories you’ve just experienced whilst away, having a party is a great way to stay connected to the ones you love. You could decide to base the theme around a particular city or country that you enjoyed visiting the most or organise a fancy-dress event so guest can dress up in a certain country’s traditional attire. Begin to think about all the other elements of the party you want to bring together. When the venue has been decided and your friends have added it to their social calendar, get started on the other details required.

Food and Drink

Even if you’re not having a sit-down dinner, you can’t host a party without an appropriate amount of food and drink. This doesn’t mean you have to dip into your savings to cater for your guests. A few simple snacks and beverages will suffice. You can always let guests know what will be available before they arrive and suggest that they are welcome to bring any additional items they would like. Food and drink can also add to the travel theme you have decided. For example, tacos and burritos could be on offer for a Mexican shindig, or you could serve plenty of finger sandwiches and cakes for a London inspired afternoon tea. If you’re returning from an exotic location abroad, you could always bring some local delicacies home for people to try. 


A simple background playlist of all your favourite songs to listen to when you travel might be all you need if your party is small, but don’t forget to make sure your speakers are in working order beforehand. If your travel party is a slightly larger affair, you could hire a live band to entertain the crowd. Party Shirt Music is a great company to work with for private events and should be able to cater to your musical needs. 


Decorations and accessories are great for getting everybody in the party mood and give you a chance to unleash a creative flair you may be hiding behind closed doors. Bunting with all the flags of the world could line the ceiling, or Chinese lanterns could really set the mood. Napkins and paper plates featuring passport stamps are a wonderful addition to dinner table settings, and photo booth props are wonderful for taking hilarious selfies. 

Whichever theme you decide to go with, make sure you pull out all the stops. It might be nerve-wracking before your guests arrive and the party is in full swing, but you won’t regret it once everyone is dancing around the room. A travel party might not seem like a valid reason to celebrate for some, but it is a wonderful way to be sent off on an adventure or welcomed back into your community back home.

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