Places To Explore When Taking The Trans-Mongolian Railway Route


Exploring the country sides of Russia through China is an exciting and thrilling journey as many have experienced going by train. The destinations to go through the short stopovers will give travellers an opportunity to explore certain highlights of the countryside. Traveling through various mountains, the cities, and the towns will give you a sense of discovering other nations and cultures. This includes the food and the people are yet, another reason to travel throughout this region. Not only will you be traveling in a railway to China, or Russia. It’s an experience that which may only be taken once in lifetime. As most who have travelled through this route, traveling the Trans Mongolian Railway starts in Moscow. If you take this route, it’s shorter with many quick stops which will allow you to journey for a short period at various stops.


Taking The Longer Versus The Shorter Routes

On the other hand, the longer routes will allow you to explore further into the cities and certain historical landmarks. There’s much to cover. When you do stop off, any of the three routes are part of the main destinations. The Trans-Mongolian route, stretches 4,735 miles. It goes from Moscow to Beijing. It’s also one of the popular routes. Mainly, because of the distance. Lots of travellers will enjoy the stop over to Mongolia. It offers quite a scenic view and many things to do. Since it has the most diverse sceneries because of the cultural difference, it penetrates through a land that is historically and culturally diverse. You can see the Trans Mongolian railway map on the official website of the Trans Mongolian Railway. There’s 3 to 4 routes which span within a 5-day period.

You can check the Trans Mongolian railway map for the various places it will go through. In Beijing, travellers will be able to see the following throughout their journey.

– Walk The Great Wall

– Cross over to Mongolia

– Explore the Summer Palace

– Witness the Temple of Heaven

– Go to the Forbidden City

– Visit the church in Moscow

With sunsets, over mountain tops while seeing small horses running in herds is one of the things you’ll see on a trip like this. There’s plenty to see throughout the desert. In fact, it’s the great Khan that is still to be searched for amongst the countryside. But, what’s more is the experience, plus, the various places to go to while you are in the Mongolian railway route.

mongolian train

The Trans-Mongolian route, which is the most popular because of the distance, the centre of it all, and by way of passing through Mongolia makes it remotely the favourite of the three trips on a railway in this region. In fact, what’s to love about it is it’s accessible but with even a short stopover. However, with more time available, it’s recommended that you go on the longer routes because of the stops. Explore more of the countryside. Highlights include the Gobi Desert, Lake Khuvsgul and the ancient capital of Karakorum.

For some travellers, they have witnessed many places that are ancient. In fact, they are beautiful when you visit them in person. You can even a take a trip that includes a soft hike to Ariyabal Buddhist meditation temple. You’ll simply love the deeper meditative exploration when you go there, an infinite stress reliever for a great distant travel. Visiting the Genghis Khan Statue Complex which is a unique exploration of the best the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. It’s the third largest protected area in the country, it’s also one of the beautiful places in Mongolia.


For those with less time available, a couple of nights spent in a comfortable Mongolian tourist “ger accommodations” which is in the outer-skirt of Ulaanbaatar is ideal. This is a real highlight of any Trans-Mongolian rail trip. Plus, it’s one unique experience to tell your friends which you can learn a lot about. In the grasslands, play tribute to nature because of the wide open space of nature. With the longer routes you’ll be able to hike, go horseback riding, and maybe, participate in a game of archer which is nationally recognized as a favourite sport.

Finally, the trip can be a memory of a lifetime for many. Traveling through Russia, Mongolia, and China has to be one of those getaway trips which will bring you the most in historical value and beautiful scenic routes. Witnessing the splendour of Beijing, China, and Moscow are a traveller’s dream especially seeing it throughout from a train’s point of view. One of the greatest train trips you will take in your lifetime may be this particular Mongolian train journey.


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