Surfers Paradise Skyline

Pie is everywhere. It’s appeal is contagious. So be aware. I ordered black coffee and I struggle to decide what pie to get – I always struggle between a Shepard’s pie, pumpkin and feta or plain. I decided to go for a Shepard’s pie. Now with a coffee and a pie in my hand I face the beach to see the waves roll on. While a pie might not be native to Australia, it definitely flavors its lifestyle – eat pie, love life.

Indeed pies and traveling go well together, like lemon and merengue. Also, a perfect match: a pie after a surf. My advice would be get in the car avoid the highway, follow the coastal roads in search of the surf and look out for every roadside stall, selling homemade pies.

Surf, eat pies and keep on smiling.

I can’t resist a pie!

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