Flights can often be the biggest single cost of any trip. But, if you buy the ticket closer to the departure time sometimes you can be lucky. If you buy a ticket 40 minutes before check in time, the odds rise!
And that is how this adventure starts… we looked online, while Paul was booking the airfare I was chucking essentials in a day pack, we raced to the airport and hello Melbourne!


Ask any Victorian where the oldest settlement in Victoria is and they will take a stab and say Melbourne, however I have read somewhere that Sorrento is the site of Victoria’s first settlement  Not trusting my memory and with my curiosity arousing with all the graceful comments from the getelment sitting next to me on the plane, Paul and I decided to hit the Mornington Peninsula and Sorrento itself.

Sorrento - Melbourne

Sorrento – Melbourne

We looked for the Easter Bunny at the park located at the very tip of the Mornington Peninsula, with outstanding coastal scenery and panoramic views of Bass Strait, the Rip and Port Phillip. Thanks to the chocolate hit, we walked towards Sorrento and it foreshore lined with grass and trees.
Sorrento was left to mature at a more leisurely rate The 19th century architecture sets a the pace for this refined and sophisticated community.
The beach huts here are all the colours of the rainbow.

Walking along Mornigton Penisula  trying to find the one with the best colour scheme is not and easy task…


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