Pay What You Want to See Sydney


Free Tours in Sydney

Free Tours in Sydney

I am not a tour person, but I need to admit that Free’ or pay-what-you-want tours somehow  have become an interesting way to see cities.

The approach is simple: you check the tour’s website to find the daily meeting place; take the tour alongside anyone else who happens to turn up; and then leave a tip at the end (knowing full well that “free” is loosely employed as a marketing tactic and you are expected to part company with more than a handshake). This allows a more spontaneous travel = if you oversleep or the weather is bad, you just try again next time.
I had Free tours in Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and recently Sydney.
Actually I ended up doing the 2 tours in Sydney, day time and the twilight one . Packed with loads of energy a good humor, Ron was able to tell us back stories of the buildings and little known facts. His passion really shown through while he was speaking about the architecture, the history an politics. As you can imagine I needed to find out how did thiese free tours stared. I asked Ron and this is his story:

“Whilst travelling with my girlfriend for 7 months through Europe we found we were looking for these tours where ever we went. When we came back to Sydney we noticed there was nothing similar and tours were quite expensive and inaccessible. So we went back to university studying our Masters of Architecture, taking the tours on part time 4 tours a week and from there we grew. Now 5 tours a day in both Sydney and Melbourne. 4.5 years later and still going strong with a great team of young Sydneysiders and Melburnians that love showing off their city. Our guiding principle has always been to share the city we love and the places we love to go to for that reason we only promote things we genuinely like and do not accept kickbacks. “

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