Party Perfection: Planning Your Next Party Vacation!


Sometimes you want to go on vacation to relax. A week or two of sand and sea, lying in a hammock and soaking up the sunshine. Other times, you might want to explore, and visit museums and galleries, try new foods and chat to the locals. However every now and again, you might want to go away just to party! Maybe it’s for a girls holiday, or perhaps you and your partner feel like doing something a little different. Either way, it’s a chance to glam up, let your hair down and have so much fun. If you’ve got a party holiday on your bucket list, here are a few ideas to consider.


Check out the clubs and nightlife

If you’re interested in partying while you’re away, the first thing that it would make sense to do is check is the local clubs and nightlife. Destinations such as Ibiza and Vegas for example are well known for their party scene and would make sense if you’re after that kind of trip. But there are lots of other locations which offer bars and clubs with plenty of places to drink and have fun. The key is doing your research beforehand, and don’t just assume that everywhere will be open all year. Many places will have a high and low season, and during the low season lots of the party venues will be closed for a number of months.


Go to a boat party

One way to enjoy some gorgeous scenery and soak up some sunshine while partying the day away would be to book a boat party. It could be a private yacht party in LA, a boat party in Brisbane or a booze cruise in Magaluf- whatever you decide you’re sure to have an amazing time. What better way to spend a day in the sunshine than with music and dancing, incredible views and the wind in your hair! Decide if it’s a private party you’re after or if you want to join a big group, there are plenty of opportunities at different budgets to do this all over the world.

Party Perfection: Planning Your Next Party Vacation!


Attend a festival

Another way you can enjoy the party vibe as well as getting to know more about a destination is to attend a festival. This will take some planning, as of course they’ll only be held on certain days of the year. So booking the trip, as well as your tickets with plenty of time will help to avoid disappointment. Whole streets, towns and cities can be lit up with lights, decorations and music with plenty of delicious food and drinks on offer. If you have a location in mind, search online and see what kinds of festivals they host and whether these match up with the dates you’d like to go away.

Party Perfection: Planning Your Next Party Vacation!

There’s plenty of fun to be had on a party vacation, and there’s more you can do than just go clubbing. Check out these options when you’re planning your next trip!


Have you ever been on a party vacation before? Where did you go?

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