Being in Australia I know that there’s a certain amount of wildlife to be dealt with and as we paddled into the shallow mangrove I was more worried with spiders than anything else. We saw quite a few of these but with a paddle and water all around I felt pretty safe to deal with these!

As we went into the tunnels I could feel my face and paddle knocking down the huge spider webs…
But when criss crossing the mangrove tunnels, and you can’t even paddle and  are only able to use your arms to try and drag yourself along you start to deel a real cross merge between land and water.
We hugged along the mangrove forest as the northerly wind brought blue bottle jelly fish and sting rays seeking refuge we slowly moved our way back to avoid the tide and paddling against the wind.

While we were pulling ourselves along a mangrove I saw a side-trail that caught my eye. I  spotted this gigantic (well maybe just big!!) snake right where I was about to grab! (click here to see movie) 

I believe it was a python and pretty sure it was not poisonous. It doesn’t matter though, if I had touched it I would probably have died with the shock! The snake’s tongue was moving out and it’s eyes were locking with ours as we were forced to move past (and very close)… Oh well, it certainly made for an interesting paddle and one that I won’t forget!

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