Packing Guide for Your Overseas Business Trip


Packing for a business trip can be overwhelming at times. Do you pack only for meetings, or do you also pack for casual activities? Packing for an overseas trip can be tricky when you are unsure of what to expect. Keeping your wardrobe pressed and neat in your luggage can add an extra hassle. Here are some tips for packing for your overseas business trip. 

Don’t Pack to Excess

When thinking about travelling overseas, it is common to feel the need to pack anything and everything in your closet. Doing this will create a burden on you both physically and mentally. Not only will you have to carry an oversized piece of luggage everywhere, but there’s the added stress of having to repack if you are moving to a few different locations. Plan early and consider what is essential and what you can do without for the time you are away. Are there things you can pick up on your arrival that can be discarded before your return?

Suits and Shirts

If you are travelling for a week or longer, pack at least three suits. This will get you through the week and most hotels offer laundry and dry cleaning services for an extra charge. You do not need a suit for each day you are there. Your colleagues will not look down on you for recycling clothes; chances are they are doing the same thing. Packing shirts can get more cumbersome. Pack more business shirts than suits. Suits can be re-worn several times, but shirts cling closer to your body and absorb you natural oils during the day. While you can still call upon the hotel’s laundry facilities to replenish your collection, bring between five and eight shirts for your trip. 


Your first time in a foreign place can be exciting and daunting at the same time. You will want to check out the area and experience the local atmosphere. There is a good chance your company cohort has planned some sort of recreation during the trip. But, if not, who says you can’t still indulge? Pack a set of casual clothes that includes slacks. Slacks help you to maintain professionalism while offering more comfort than a regular suit. Does your hotel offer a fitness area? Jetlag aside, the gym facilities are often a good place to network with colleagues or even meet some of the locals. Pack a set of workout clothes that you can wash a few times. 


Packing for a business trip can be a hassle when you have to worry about keeping your suit wrinkle-free. Most hotels will have irons, dry cleaners, or even steamers if you get stuck. To save you some trouble, invest in a suitcase that can double as a garment bag, with an area to keep your suit fresh. Be organised by putting heavy items on the bottom and your suits on top. Keep your business items (e.g. laptop, notes, and electronics) in a separate carry-on bag for easier access. 

If you are unsure about what to expect on your trip, speak to an expert, such as FCm Travel, about what kind of atmosphere you’ll be experiencing at your destination. If you have any tips you could add to this guide, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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