I like going light. Not carry tones on my backpack makes me happy and my back appreciated it too.

Looking for something different from the metal plates and cups (always a pain) we found Orikaso (meaning “to fold plastic”) are lightweight flat pack folding cups, bowls and plates made from Polypropylene

My initial concern was that the folds, especially with the tabs, would quickly wear and break – however after months of continual folding and unfolding there is absolutely no sign of wear. This is apparently due to the unique properties of polypropylene which means that there is in structural fatigue or weakening (they are so confident of this that every Orikaso product comes with a 10-year guarantee).

The plate (which has high edges) was big enough to hold a large dogs daily dinner (a scoop of biscuits and a tin of meat). The set comes with2 plates, 2 bowls and 2 measuring cups. Perfect for couples!

The only downside is that the packaging, that the sets come in, is not very strong – by the end of the first week the edges had ripped apart, and I had to keep everything separate in my backpack. The cup also feels a little fiddly to use – and hot liquids cool quite quickly.

 We are really happy with it! we didn’t go back to our old stuff.   To check out more click here

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