One of the best bars in Toronto, D.W. Alexander


It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in Toronto or if you are one of the many inhabitants of this city. One thing holds true, no matter how much time you spent in this place, you probably didn’t have the opportunity to see everything that Toronto has to offer. This is one of the earliest settlements in Canada and the cultural center of the country.

It has absolutely everything that a big city needs. The cultural content is vast, including an opera house, many theaters, and different art and science museums. Furthermore, the entertainment in this city is on a high level, providing something for everybody. Whether you wish to go to a film festival or an amusement park, Canadians will surely have the perfect solution for you.

The night life is something that is rarely mentioned, or at least not enough in comparison to the other aspects of Toronto. This metropolis is a home to many bars and lounges. Among the best of them is D.W. Alexander lounge.This establishment represents a legacy of an entrepreneur that lived in 19th century.

The company itself was first focused on leather and hide trade. As the time went by and the economy of Toronto changed from the production to the services, so did this firm. The management did their best to preserve the spirit of that time. The building is still the same brick building from the industrial era, like many others in the downtown T.O.

There are many details that will make you feel like this place never changed its business, such as the leather aprons that the staff wears. Everything inside radiates class. They put quite an effort in order to make you feel good. Most of the things are made from wood and the hygiene is on a high level.

The menu represents a mix of cheese, mushrooms and meat as the main ingredients to the courses. For those with a sweet tooth, there is always a different, surprise cake. From a bar with such classy design and theme, it is expected a long list of quality liquor. The selection is vast; there are drinks that will satisfy even the customers with very refined taste. Quality presumes high prices. So, it is no wonder that this establishment is not a cheap one. Although, given the service and the ambiance, it is a good value for your money.The reason why you should give a chance to this bar is because of its sensational cocktails. Most of them are real concoctions, made from five and more ingredients. Even with so much different stuff in them, they are masterfully prepared. All these parts make a tasty mix that will make you come back to this place over and over again.For all those that visit Toronto, it would be a shame not to visit the CN tower, the Ontario Royal Museum or the Opera House.

They are all part of the long history that this city has. For those that are looking into the future, bar and lounges are new establishments that will take you by surprise with their content, design and entertainment value. D.W. Alexander is one of them.

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