Both kayaking and fishing are not unknown to any of us, but combining these two hobbies is. I have always loved kayaking and fishing, but in this hectic routine of mine with a family and bunch of friends, it is almost impossible to take out some time to do something you like, let alone taking out time for two different hobbies.

Since quite some time now, I have been going to kayak fishing, sometimes with family and sometimes alone. I have always found sea to be a soothing element for me. It makes me forget everything around by focusing on everything around me.

While going in the wild one must be fully equipped to face whatever Mother Nature has to serve, especially with kids. Here are some accessories for you for a proper kayak.

  • RESCUE SLING: Starting from how to jump in a kayak, one is always found in a pickle. Rescue sling is to be crap up to your cockpit and you are done.
  • NICE PADDLES: It is always better to buy late and better than early and so-so stuff. If you really want your kayaking experience to be one of a kind than buy nicer paddles
  • SPECIFIC LIFEVEST: Special lifevest is designed for kayak users to make their ride comfortable.
  • MAP AND COMPASS: While moving in the water, it is hard to keep track of your route. A map and a good functioning compass are what you would need to add n our accessories.
  • DRY BAGS: To secure your mobiles, clothes, wallets and stuff like these dry bags is a must. Take two of them for keeping your things separate.
  • FLOTATION: Due to its structure, it is easy for water to enter a kayak. To avoid this problem buy a float bag, this would fill the free space inside the kayak.
  • BILGE PUMP: Even after your every effort if the water still manages to enter your ride you can have a bilge pump on hand for the matter.

After knowing everything you can for your ride to be fully equipped, here are some benefits you must know about.

  • In the period of no time for yourself, it gives you some you time.
  • It is good for your mental health as coming out in fresh air can freshen up your mind.
  • Strengthens your body because while kayaking and fishing, you put a lot of efforts.
  • While kayaking, your arms, legs, cores, and shoulders move a lot which helps you tune your muscles.
  • This hobby of yours can turn out to be the best work out you ever did. It helps in losing your weight way too quickly.
  • Kayak fishing maintains your cardiovascular health because of continuous motion.

Being in the sea is beautiful, but it is also kind of dangerous. There are few things you must not neglect while you go offshore.

  • Take a first aid kit with you.
  • Be visible, may it be a whistle that gives you away or a flashlight or a red flag. Just be visible.
  • Keep your life vest on for any difficult situation.
  • Keep your kayak well balanced by distributing the weight correctly. You do not want to get in trouble with every big wave on your way.
  • Plan your trip ahead as you do not want to face the majestic sea with no plan in hand. Also, you could be done with your trip on time if you know what you are doing.


Author bio: Tom is a blogger and a nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventures and that too with his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences at

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