Sitting atop the Great Dividing Range, the New England tableland is a vast landscape of sheep and cattle grazing with a adventure sport scene. This is also the spiritual home of Australian country music – the biggest Country music festival in Australia is held in Tamworth in late January.. I was a bit sad to drive all that way to buy our car and didn’t get to see this festival.. but I am sure other opportunities for that will come up.
The trip from Kingscliff to Tamworth passes a area of rich indigenous heritage. Armindale is sorrounded by beautiful trees and a nearby Mount Yarrowyck where you can see a red ochre rock painting. At Glen Innes a stop is worthwhile to try the bush burgers with kangaroo and Emu meat and a witjutie (witchetty) grub (a worm!!!!) salad! Further North, near Tenterfield, is Australia’s largest granite monolith (didn’t get to see it – in a rush to meet the Defender!!).  It was a great and exhausting road trip..We want to spend more time in this area and explore more the region, that’s for sure!

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