I love travel. The further I go and the more frequent I go, I am always reminded of the differences and yet the common core or similarity we all have as people on our amazing planet. Rather than avoid or be fearful of our differences, new experiences with cultures allows us to understand why we perceive the world the way we do and how others have shaped a different image and interaction. Thee differences make us who we are and the exciting part of interaction. We thank our neighbours for the foods they come up with, the spiritual connections they teach, the culture to live and enjoy, or take moment out of a busy day. Whatever it may be, we can always find something we love in another land, and something we can be thankful for in our own heritage. This is part of why I love travel so much.

To celebrate diversity in the world, momondo presents The DNA Journey: a journey into who we are and how we are all connected as a global family. They asked 67 people from all over the world to take a DNA test, and it turns out they have much more in common with other nationalities than they would ever have thought.

How cool is that?! Growing up, I used to fall asleep with my dad’s stories of life growing up in Africa. His stories were filled with jungle adventures, detailed descriptions created a world around me of danger, exploration and nature so real and yet so removed from my Lisbon bedroom surrounds. It strikes me somehow when I am asked where our family comes from, it is a forgone conclusion- Portugal!

How is it possible that a family moved by travel passion has always belonged to the same place – were there no immigrants in my family??

Meeting Paul, I was fascinated with his family history: his mother’s side is Norwegian and German, his father’s side Welsh and French. And that is only part of the story. but of course, he is “Australian”… This rich “world” family history is quite common in Australia – nearly everyone came from somewhere besides Australia, except for the Aborigines who have an amazing story this post would not do justice to… So I wonder would my family always, I mean Always, have been from Portugal?

This is where genealogy research and modern DNA technology can give you a more accurate picture of where you really come from. Sometimes, there are surprises…

I was thrilled to receive the DNA test from Momondo and Ancestry.. I can’t wait to find out the results


Testing Your DNA

AncestryDNA, uses fascinating technology, that costs under $100, sent straight to your home. The test will look at your entire genome from more than 700,000 locations via a sample of saliva to predict your genetic ethnicity.

You will get the results at home in a few weeks, and maybe prepare yourself to be surprised!


The Process

Momondo send the the AncestryDNA kit via mail. The instructions are super simple!

You just need to fill a small plastic vial with some saliva.

Next, you twist on a cap that releases a special DNA stabilizing liquid into the sample. Write down your tracking number, put your vial into a pre-paid box and mail it off to the lab. Easy and fast.

I was so excited about this that I ended up doing my test live on Facebook – go over to my Facebook Page to see it all!

Test results normally take about 6-8 weeks to process. When they’re ready, you will receive an email notification with a link to your password protected account, where you can view your ethnicity map and see where your ancestors came from.

What a great way to start your plans for your next trip…


Excited? You Can Get Your DNA Test Done Too!

Join the momondo Open Your World competition! You can win your own DNA kit and $2000AUD to use towards a trip to a country from your DNA results. Here is the link for the competition:https://www.momondo.com.au/letsopenourworld/


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