Must Have Travel Essentials for A Romantic Couple Getaway


You’ve spent months planning this holiday.

First, there was the matter of you both getting time off work. This was followed by you co-ordinating your time off work so that one of you didn’t end up in the Bahamas on your own whilst the other was stuck back at the office.

Next came choosing where it was you both wanted to go. When one person’s idea of the perfect holiday is hiking the Kokoda Trail, and all their partner wants to do is park themselves by the pool and drink margaritas – there are bound to be some intense “discussions” looming on the horizon.

But now, it’s finally happening. Your ideal romantic getaway is booked and paid for, and all that’s left to do is pack. It may sound like the simplest part of the whole process. But as anyone who has ever packed in a rush knows, it’s only too easy to forget something crucial.

To ensure that your romantic getaway is stress free, here’s the ultimate guide to packing for your couple’s trip.

A couple getaway is to live and create the #CoupleGoals! There are certain things every couple should try when they’re out travelling together. A romantic dine-out, a long beach walk and casual site-seeing are few of the ‘meant-to-be’ things couples should look forward to when exploring somewhere new and exciting. With the ultimate goal, to create and capture as many memories as they can.

Such trips demand certain ensembles which need to be packed with co-ordination. Below is the list of must-have travel essentials when you’re out on a romantic trip with your partner.


Style for Him

Gentlemen – this is supposed to be a romantic getaway with the one you love. Therefore, looking your very best is compulsory. You’ll want to pack a few crisp collared shirts, for when you and your significant other go site-seeing or out to dine. Chinos and a collared shirt with a nice coat are a great way to dress up for a night out, without having to lug a suit along with you for the ride. Bring some of your favourite comfortable t-shirts as well, for more casual days out.

Ideally, you’ll need to bring two jackets, one lighter jacket that is suitable for day-tripping and one for going out in the evening that will protect you from the elements.  Consider bringing leather jackets and overcoats – they are ideal for travelling because they are incredibly versatile and never go out of fashion. Leather is great for travelling because they don’t crease or wrinkle after being in a suitcase. You can just whip them out, and you’re ready to hit the streets.


Style for Her

Ladies take those versatile pieces with you! Take things you can layer and that allow you to mix and match over a number of days. Plus, you’ll always want to leave some room for some pieces you may purchase, to treasure your trip!

For ladies It’s also more than just the clothes! Apart from the must-have ensembles like the staple t-shirt that goes with everything and an evening dress for that dine-out night, you need to take extra care of your skin. Changing atmosphere demands more skincare, and couple outings definitely call for flawless skin.

Ladies – if you fail to take your skin care products with you on holiday, it is highly likely that your skin will begin to break out or become extra oily or overly dry. Think about it. If you suddenly stop your normal skin care routine, your skin is not going to react well to this sudden change. The last thing you want is blotchy, blemished skin to ruin all your romantic holiday photos together.

Invest in some travel sized organic skin care that you can easily take with you on your travels. If you’re heading overseas for your romantic getaway, time spent on the plane can severely dehydrate your skin. Long haul flights also generally mean that you get poor quality of sleep, leaving you puffy and sporting dark circles.

Going organic will serve to give your skin that extra-nourishment it needs while you are on the move. Consider a refreshing facial mist, a cleanser, facial oil and a hydrating moisturiser as essentials. Look for ingredients that are super hydrating for your face – like Rosehip Oil and Avocado Oil.


The Right Footwear

You’ll need to ensure that you bring the right footwear along on your romantic break. You’ll need casual shoes if you plan on doing a lot of walking and exploring, and formal shoes for dining out and night-time activities.

Don’t purchase these shoes the day before you are due to fly out.  Purchase them two weeks beforehand, so you can wear them in ahead of time. Be sure to pack clothing that will match the shoes you have chosen to bring on holiday with you. You’ll want to look tailored from head to toe as you enjoy your romantic break with your loved one.

You both have invested time and energy into arranging your romantic getaway. Forgetting to bring such essential items will only succeed in spoiling the trip, so make sure you pack with care.


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