Mt Wellington- would this be my white christmas?


It was quite a warm day but as soon as we started to approach Mt Wellington the sky became overcast – now that didn’t deterred us! We had heard this might happen but like the pot on the other side of the rainbow, Mt Wellington’s peak rises above the cloud level and looks out over a magic carpet of clouds.

Absolutely freezing!

It sounds beautiful doesn’t it? And it actually is, if it wasn’t for the (serously) freezing cold at the top.
I was expecting cold but it was freezing. The wind was horrendous! We sat inside the car summoning courage and saw snowflakes fallong outside at first. This changed to sleet with an indescribably cold, strong wind swirling to make sure that if you ducked down to avoid the water and wind it would find a way into your weak defences.

We made it!

It was funny but you really could not be there long. I think the Tasmanians had figured this out- there were little shelters along the walks which were the usual perfect design that we have to expect from Tasmania. Now for our next walk…




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