The dramatic peak of Mt Warning dominates the all area. Since we moved to Kingscliff we looked to Mt Warning everyday.. And it seemed funny that we never climbed..


Its name was bestowed by Captain Cook , who used the mountain as a landmark for avoiding Point Danger on the Tweed Coast.


The Indigenous called Wollumbin
which means “cloud gatherer”…
The climb is a steep 9 Km return and is worthwhile… We wanted to see the sunrise.. ot up at 4 am to meet Rochelle and Mario, but as expected Paul and I couldn’t get just one adventure a day.. soooo we decided to run out of fuel once we were at the base of the mountain.. with the nearest fuel station at 25 Km from us….
Anyway, we started climbing was pitched black, and we just had a small torch for the 4 of us… but was alright.. I was really excited…
You could listen and almost feel the animals crawling near you but you couldn’t see them…
Then the sun comes out and all the beautiful rainforest colours start to appear.. and you feel good!!!!
As the sun gets stronger the colours get warmer and it’s just amazing!!!

After a really steep Km we got to the top.. and what amazing freeling the view is something else!!!

Thank you Rochelle, Mario and Paul for your company!!!

I love you guys!!!








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