Mother Nature’s Creation – Fraser Island


Lake McKenzie in Fraser Island, Queensland is stunning
Lake McKenzie

Whether you believe Fraser Island is the creation of Mother Nature or in fact the earthly incarnate of Yindingie, the messenger of Aboriginal god Beiral, the mirrored lakes, rebellious rainforest and sand are simply unforgettable.

K’Gari, the Aboriginal name for Fraser means paradise, which seems the perfect match. This ecological wonderland is the the world’s largest sand island and the only one where rainforest grows on sand.

There are untouched freshwater lakes and creeks and around 350 species of birds, wallabies, possums, echidnas and Australia’s purest dingoes, a native dog.

Ferry crossing to Fraser Island, Queensland

About to do the ferry crossing to Fraser Island

adventure tours 4WD truck to fraser island, queensland
the 4WD Truck

As we bounce around in a 4WD truck along the seemingly endless seventy five mile beach, we head inland through sandy tracks we quickly realise  there’s no other option to explore this island – you simply need a 4WD!

And against all the odds I was happy to had left Lucy the Landy on the Mainland and be in a truck. With a short amount of time on the island, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy so much of the island.


Top things in Fraser

Fraser’s Highway

drive in the sand in fraser island
the highway

Driving along a 75 mile beach at low tide, this is the most amazing highway you can drive- simply sand and so many 4WDs and trucks cruising among the beach at 80km/hr. This is an amazing way to see the west coast of the island.


Wanggoolba Creek

Wanggoolba Creek at central station in Fraser island

Wanggoolba Creek

Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station flows silently over white sand along the floor of a thick rainforest. I couldn’t capture the clarity of this creek, but take my word for it, this creek is unbelievable. Not to mention walking along paths that pass the angiopteris ferns, an ancient species boasting the largest single fern fronds in the world.

Wanggoolba Creek

Wanggoolba Creek


Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie silica white sand and opal blue water
Lake McKenzie- white sand and blue water

White sand and sparkling blue water.

This lake is only rainwater with a base of close to the most perfect white sand you can find.  Lake McKenzie measures over 150 hectares with a depth of 5 metres, which would make it feel like you’re swimming in a pool, only much larger and cleaner. What’s more- no crocodiles! There is no algae and very little aquatic life due to the combination of clear rainwater and plant life surrounding the lake, you will be able to enjoy your swim in a 65 000 year old lake like no other.

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