Money-Saving Tips for Your Crete Holiday


So you’re planning a lovely holiday in Crete. So close, you can feel it. The sun. The sky. The sounds. You’re on a budget. Or on a tight one. There are ways to work magic with what you have.


Booking Your Flight

If you can afford to, book your flight in advance. It tends to be cheaper. However, whether you book it in advance or not, it’s generally cheaper to book on some days than others. Some say the time of day can also play a factor.

Booking earlier in the week is said to be cheaper, while other experts say weekends can be the cheapest time to book. Either way, there are certain days when it’s cheaper to buy a ticket.

Also, at times, it can be cheaper to book a one-way flight than a return. It’s sometimes even cheaper to depart from a different (less busy) airport than a main airport. Or it can be cheaper to book a flight that stops off somewhere before arriving at your final destination.

Saying all that, do your own research; play around and see what the difference can be for you cost-wise.


Where to Stay

Consider staying in a hostel, AirBnB or apartment. They tend to be cheaper than hotels. For instance, if you’re travelling in a group, it might work out cheaper to book an apartment than a hotel.

Also, consider staying somewhere that’s a certain distance away from busy tourist areas (or busy areas in general) as those can be cheaper too. Look for a place that’s far enough from these busy areas to be cheaper, but close enough to visit and explore these areas if you want to.

crete holiday

Prepare Your Own Food

Food at airports and on the plane can be notoriously expensive. Prepare your own food for your time in transit. It will save you having to buy any food at the airport or on the plane.

Alternatively, you could buy food or snacks at your local supermarket, which will also be cheaper than buying at the airport/on the plane. As you can’t take water through customs though, it’s the only thing you’ll have to buy at the airport.

If you can, and there’s the facility to do so, prepare some of your own meals while on holiday. Produce is relatively cheap (and beautiful) in Greece. If you love beef, has a handful of ground beef recipes you could try yourself while you’re out there. Or you could substitute the beef for other meat such as ground lamb or turkey, or a meatless substitute like lentils or couscous. It’ll be good to treat yourself to a restaurant meal at times though, or else you lose out on experiencing the gastronomic side of Crete. A balance between the two will save you money.

Your holiday budget is a chance for you to impress yourself with how potentially awesome you can be at making the most of what you have.

Crete awaits.


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