This was one of the first things that I told to Paul when we moved to OZ… I wanted to watch the hacthing turtles!!And we did it!!!

Mon Repos conservation Park is near Bundaberg (6 hours driving from our place – north) and we decided to do this weekend! Saturday we had a early morning surf and then Paul went teaching at Uni until 12!.. I packed the car and we hit the road!!! ahh road trips.. scenic views, yummy snacks, singing along… the 6 hours went fast.. We got to Bagara where there’s a camping ground after 6 pm.. the camp site reception was closed.. ilegally we picthed our tent and we went off to our night expedition to see the turtles hacthing!!

What a experience!! from 7 pm to 1 am.. (fortunatly you are not allowed to take photos during most of the time- you get totally absorved by the experience) We walked to through the bush until hit the beach.. The ranger was looking for the eggs.. she literally need to feel soft sand and put her arm 16 cm under the sand to be sure!!
After maybe 30 minutes the turtles (tiny tiny) started to come up in the surface.. i believe were around 100!! We were all soo excited!!!
after the came up, we did a light tunnel (everybody opend their legs and poited the torch to the gound) so the tiny turtles could hit the sea!!
I need to admit that when they went towards my feet I thought I couldn’t handle them ot top of my feet.. but besides the ticklich was alright!!
Paul and I absolutely loved it!! And the promise of coming back in November (nesting period) was made!!!

P.s.- after leaving the beach, we waint 20 minutes in the bush.. there was a brown snake in the path!!!


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