Mole Creek- blink and you’ll miss it


There is a little town in Northern Tasmania called Mole Creek. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of village. Yet it is a place with memories and has a splendid setting beneath the mighty Great Western Tiers. With its vineyards, rows of poppies and wooded hillsides, this region is intoxicatingly beautiful. We certainly stopped at a raspberry farm and a winery was also essential! ! We hiked to the Liffey Falls and continued further down to explore the Mole Creek caves.

We had to draw a line somewhere, as you do when traveling, and settled on visiting Marakoopa caves as it offered a bit of all the attractions. For a small fee you can have a guided tour with the local ranger which was mainly fun and he can provide as much detail as you wish.

The caves are amazing. The colours from the limestone and reflective pools are breathtaking. The size of the stalactites and stalacmites are striking considering the slow drips it takes to form. But most impressive for us was the glow worms. Only living for around nine days these creatures emit an alluring light to attract insects. Males, the greediest! Shine a little brighter than their female counterparts.

For most people, nine degrees is cool inside the cave. We however could not convince our ranger who gave us the tour in customary shorts and shirt, insistent that this was a lovely temperature…

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