Micro Adventures: 5 Ideas For a Wilderness Fix


making coffee while camping and trekking

Making coffee in the wild

Epic adventures are great, but it can be a long road of adventureless time in between. Never mind getting overwhelmed by planning an ambitious weekend escape. It’s just a matter of changing perspectives. Think Micro. Think Microadventure. Take it as cheap, minimal planning and short in time (12- 48 hours). Microadventures aren’t a lesser deal than a big journey, just a shorter, smaller version.

Why not explore your city by moonlight? Pitch a tent on the beach?

Here are 5 Microadventure ideas:

camping and cooking in the back of land Rover Defender

Cooking outside can take longer but it always tastes better.

1.Mid-week overnighter

Challenge yourself to spend one night during your work week in the outdoors.

Grab your sleeping bag, jump on your car or bike and head straight to your little pocket of wilderness.

Spend the night under the stars and enjoy the zen feeling that comes with a mid-week jaunt into the wilderness.

Then wake up early and head back into work. I can guarantee that you’ll have a smile in your face all day long.

Paul and I often have mid week escapes and its the best pill for work related issues:)

2. Go for a wild swim

 Forget a swim in a pool or at the beach, find somewhere remote and rarely visited, where nature is king. Look at a map, find a river or lake that you’ll likely have all to yourself. Swim in the wild – (swimsuit is optional!)

swim in the wild

Wild swim

3. Go sea kayaking

 You can paddle in a creek or river, but the real fun, begins when you head into open water and paddle along the coast. Take time to appreciate the coastline – it always looks different when viewed from the outside in. Keep an eye open for dolphins, seals and … sharks! We never know, it’s an adventure!

4. Change the way you go to work

 Why not try to get to work by human power?  Combine commenting with exercise – this could mean cycling, kayaking, running.

Also, when using the car try to drive through different roads. The best way isn’t always the shortest way.

climbing mountains to check the views

Reaching high points will most likely offer you great views

5. Climb a mountain

 It could be the tallest hill in your area and might take an hour to get to the top, or it might be the tallest mountain in the country and take a week to get to the summit.

Either way, standing on top of the highest point in any area is a great feeling and you’ll be rewarded with incredible views.

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