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Here is a snippet of our day. Apart from what we are sharing there was Lego, music concerts, gardening and playing ball games and hula hoops. Noah didn’t want to share about those because “they are just stuff we do while waiting for an adventure”

Postcards for far-away family

We have been collecting feathers on our walks – we have a stack of them at home and we do all sort of things with them. Collage, paint, clay, tickle games and now postcards.

We have been working on postcards for Noah and Finn’s Great Grandparents over in Portugal. Noah really wanted to draw a snow owl, and he knows that drawing is not my forte so instead of asking me for help he grabbed his “nature book” as he calls it to check the what the snow owl looks like.

“Maravilhas da Natureza” is an illustrated inventory of nature that he got for Christmas – we absolutely love the book. Highly detailed sketches and important information about the species.

There was a lot of thinking on how could we draw a snow owl on a white piece of paper and also how to make it in the dark (“because owls are nocturnal”).

Noah tried with blue paper and orange paper “but it’s not real because the worms would see the owl, needs to be very dark”. Lucky we had black paper sitting on the shelf and this nocturnal snow owl was able to open his beak ready to grab the worm!

Finn tasted the feathers. Finn tasted the texters too.

Who’s paying for the stamps?

Postcards inside envelopes, adressess added. But hey, who’s going to pay for the stamps?

Noah had it covered. He grabbed his money box. Finn shook it. Finn threw it. Noah opened the box – “don’t worry mum, I will get the stamps!”

Noah gets his money from busking – yes he plays his guitar on our street or at home to get money.

We had no idea what the stamps would cost, but to play it safe I said $10. Noah picked 10 coins of all kinds of value – “ah what?! They all have different numbers!

Perfect opportunity to talk about money value. “mum its too complicated lets just get 10 coins of $1”

And so he did – 10 x $1 coins in his Potsman bag.

How do we get to the Post Office?

We know exactly where the post office is. Yes right next to the shops, but instead of taking the usual way why not venture to other streets?

We printed a Cabarita Beach map (oh yeah!! we love maps!) we marked where he was and where the post office was.

Noah discussed with Finn the best way to go to the post office – Finn didn’t agree for a while but settled quickly. On the way we saw a friend renovating her front yard with a digger – yes the highlight of our morning!

By having the map, instead of being a 7-minute ride, we explored the new streets which took us on a 2-hour adventure in our own suburb.

How many days will it take to get there?

So, the stamps were $7. We send out 2 postcards. Noah thinks it will take 10 days to get to Portugal. My bet is 15 days. We have marked this on the calendar.

Also, Noah would like Australia Post to add stools to their mailboxes – “its really hard for kids to reach or wheelchair people”, like our friend. Australia Post take note – this kid is right!

Quick swim on the beach, back home. Finn is asleep. Pram ride is exhausting!

We Love Boxes!

If you keep following us, you will see how much we love boxes.

Finn is into posting things, open and close, dragging, pulling and pushing. Boxes are the best toy ever! Hours of fun, exploration and learning.

These boxes have been in our house since February. They have been spaceships, sailing boats, houses, garages, caves and buses.


It’s the simple things that grabs Finn’s attention – he spends ages trying to understand how things work, how to pull them apart and put them together again. Stacking is his new favourite hobby, apart from eating sand and grass.

Books Read

  • Where is the Green Sheep
  • The little yellow digger
  • Captain Crabclaw
  • O Lobo e os 7 cabritinhos (portuguese book)
  • Walking through the jungle
  • Just an Ordinary day

Screen time

Noah is only allowed 20 minutes per day (and not every day) of screen time. He chose to watch Andy Baby Animals – ABC KIDS

Finn has no screen time


  • Imagine This: why our baby teeth fell
  • Little Yarns
  • Dirt girl


I’m Sofia, a Portuguese native, who, quit my job, packed 20 kg of my life into a backpack and moved to Australia. I have been fuelled by my new life to experience more adventure rather than settle, pursing even more my desire to travel, explore and being outdoors.

This blog aims to inspire, intrigue and encourage readers around the world to travel further, longer and wider and also to share my passion for an outdoor lifestyle.

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