Managing Your Home When You Are Away: 5 Tips


If you are away from your home for long periods of time, you must consider what options you have for managing it.

Most importantly, do you have plants that need to be watered? What about a pet such as a fish or a dog? For the latter, you should leave your animal with a friend or family member that can care for them, but when it comes to your home, you may want to give your keys to someone you trust in order to check in on it. 

Even if you don’t have anything that requires maintenance, if you are never around your house, you can also choose to rent it. Other considerations can include having someone work on the interior design for your return, investing in home security, and lastly, what your options are for selling your home.

1 | Having another family member check in 

When you leave, you may want to consider giving a spare key to a trusted friend or family member that could check in on your home. If you have several plants that need to be watered, this is always going to be a must.

Moreover, you can always even let your loved ones stay the night there, in order to look after your home for longer periods of time as well. You can invest in murphy beds, or a wall bed that pulls down, such that even your living room can be transformed into the extra guest room for people. 

2 | Rent it out 

Choosing to rent out your home space can be a very profitable venture. This is especially the case if you will be working somewhere abroad or far away for the span of a year, if not longer. 

Then, there’s the matter of your furniture to consider. The fact of the matter is, you don’t have to put it all in a storage facility if you don’t want to. You can always opt to rent out your space with the items you have inside of it and make the offer all-inclusive. 

3 | Do it up for your return

Hiring an interior designer to improve your home is something else that you could do when you are away. You may never have had time for this when you were home, especially if you wanted larger-scale projects completed to it, such as remodeling an entire room, and even breaking down a certain wall. 

Thus, while you are away is the best time to complete the home renovations that have always been on your mind, and which can be ready upon your return home.

Managing Your Home When You Are Away: 5 Tips

4 | Investing in home security

In order to ensure that you have taken every single robbery precaution for your home, it would be wise for you to invest in a home security camera. Simply set it up outside, and you can purchase one that links to your phone so that you can always see what is happening at any given moment. 

Keep in mind that you should also have an alarm system attached to it, in the event of a break in, so that the authorities can be notified right away.

5 | Choosing to sell your home 

Depending on how often you are home or how long you plan on being away for, you may want to sell your home. For instance, if you are working in another city or country, and decide that you like the new place better for living purposes, you can always choose to move there! 

You never have to feel attached to a certain location if you feel as if you no longer want it. If you rent it out, you may even want to ask the individuals living there if they wish to purchase the home from you.

Anyone can vouch for the fact that they adore their home. However, if you are never around, you may want to seriously consider renting it out for a short period of time. Why not make some extra profit? Depending on how often your intervals of leaving and going are, be sure to make note of the other factors as well.

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