Making Preparations For Your Round-The-World Trip


There’s no experience quite like travelling around the world. There are so many places to see that it almost seems like a waste of a trip to simply stay in one place. And that’s why you should aspire to explore. Why spend two or three weeks on one island (as lovely as that might be) when you could set off on a fast-moving journey that takes you to many wonderful places all over the planet? You don’t have to restrict yourself to one destination and tell yourself that you’ll see the other countries on your bucket list in future years. Why not see them all in one trip? Life is for living, and you shouldn’t have to put off an adventure. After a year of working hard, you should reward yourself with a jam-packed holiday experience (even if you only have a few weeks off work).


Of course, making the decision to see the world is only the first step of the planning process. Whilst the whole point of this adventure is to explore the world freely, you’ll still need to consider boring things such as money and a clear schedule. You’ll need to make preparations in terms of the places you’re going to visit, your mode of transport, how long you’re going to be away, and the costs you’ll face once those things have been considered. It doesn’t have to be a stressful process, however. Planning your travels should be an exciting experience. Just think about how wonderful it’ll be to get the boring adult stuff out of the way so that you can enjoy your holiday. Here’s some guidance that should help you to make preparations for your round-the-world trip.



Choose where and when to go

Whilst it may be tempting to let spontaneity control the steering wheel on this great big adventure, you need to be a little bit sensible and make sure that you’ve thought about all possible destinations you might visit on your travels. It’d be a shame to cut your journey short because you hadn’t considered the logistics of your journey before setting off. You need to make a list of all the locations that you want to visit. Think not only of countries but cities or natural landmarks you might want to see.


Once you’ve got an idea of where you want to go, you can start to plan when you want to go. You should look into the cost of flights at different times of the year for the different places you want to visit. You might be able to find a better deal if you wait for outgoing flights during the off-peak season, for example. It’s important to consider your financial situation when you’re preparing a round-the-world trip that’s already going to be very expensive. You need to save money wherever possible in order to afford such an extensive trip. We’ll discuss that throughout the rest of this article.

Make a schedule

If you want to be fully prepared for your round-the-world trip then you need to make a schedule. We talked about the importance of choosing where to go on your round-the-world trip, but it’s also important that you have a detailed plan for the route of your journey, accommodation, food, and other aspects of travelling all over the globe that we’ll discuss in this article. You need to think about how you’re going to fit everything into your available window of time. Use Google Maps to figure out how long it’ll take to drive from place to place if you have a road trip planned or you’re going to be using different forms of transport such as buses and taxis. As mentioned earlier, you don’t want your trip to be ruined by poor planning; it’d be a shame to cut something out of your travels because you didn’t allow enough time for it.


You also need to think about money. Obviously, financial consideration is important when it comes to any sort of holiday, but it’s absolutely crucial to make a budget when you’re planning an extensive round-the-world trip. This will be a costly venture both in terms of time and money. You might want to look into an affordable travel insurance company to serve as a financial safety net for any unexpected travel delays or medical costs you might face on your trip. It’s better to spend a little bit extra money to protect yourself against costly events you might face on your round-the-world trip than to face an expense you can’t afford. Again, it’s all about making preparations to cover all potential costs before you jet off on your travels.

Choose accommodation wisely

If you want to enjoy your travels then you need to put some thought into the accommodation you choose in each country or city that you visit. A fun trip can be ruined by a bad hotel. Additionally, you can end up wasting a lot of money on expensive accommodation when there might be plenty of better alternatives available. You might want to consider Airbnb if you want to stay in a room or a flat that’s hotel quality but a fraction of the price. You could even try out a hostel if you’re travelling alone and don’t mind sharing with other people. Make sure you do some research to find out the most cost-effective and well-rated accommodation options.


Pack the right things

Finally, you need to make sure you pack the right things for your travels. Depending on the type of excursion you have in mind, you may need to bring very different items of attire and practical items with you. For example, if you’ve made plans to do a lot of walking on your trip then you’ll need appropriate footwear. If you’re going to be visiting both warm and cold places then you’ll need to make room in your suitcase for both light and thick clothing. It’s a smart idea to pack a little bit of currency for every individual country you’re visiting if your travels will take you to many different locations; you don’t want to have to rely solely on your credit card when you arrive in a new place. It’s smart to be prepared for anything if you want to enjoy your round-the-world trip.

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