Madly in Love with Portugal


trams in Lisboa
ahh Lisboa

I usually write about Australia. Not this time. I am about to tell you about a forgotten love, that recently urged in me. I am madly in love with Europe’s western most and sunniest capital – Portugal.

I know it can been seen as a bit biased being my own country, but since becoming a migrant I found Portugal extremly lovable and charming.

I spent almost 3 weeks visiting family and friends and exploring my country. The sheer beauty of Portugal is amazing.

Terreiro do Paço - Lisboa

Terreiro do Paço – Lisboa

The tiny cobblestones streets, that  now I really admire, usually open  onto a cafe-lined and church filled square. Lisbon has great depth, history and personality!
An ambundance of large historic monuments makes you realise that there is a long history to this great city that I grew up in.

But in such a small country, it is easy to drive around and experience a little bit of everything. From the cosmoplitan Lisbon and Porto to the little fishing villages in between, the bell towers.. I just fell in love with the winding streets that lead you to castles and palaces set above an amazing coastline.


Portugal is known for it’s tasty food. It’s like eating a fancy buffet, where you get to taste everything you have ever wanted to eat.

More, this place is a photographer’s heaven. Even being my own country I went crazy clicking every second. Portugal is vibrant, full of detail and colour.


Ponte 25 Abril

Ponte 25 Abril

Even with all its beauty Portugal, is not a noisy tourist destination. I always recommend it, although deep inside I have this secret wish that tourists don’t start to overflow my dear Portugl.

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