Love, is my reason to be in Australia.
No sensible person would do this. Resign from a good job, rent out your new home, pack up my backpack and bid farewell to brilliant family and friends and move to a continent that I had never set foot in before. Nonsense.
 But, in a remarkable reversal of fortunes, Australia is the land of hope, opportunity, and empowerment, right?
For the last 5 years, Paul and I start our journey with immigration, visas and paperwork. We had paperwork everywhere, piles and piles of emails, postcards, flights tickets, receipts, photos, everything that you can imagine folded to proof our love to someone sitting on an immigration desk.
In the meanwhile, I learnt (and I am still learning) a new culture, change my career, study again and found new brilliant and inspiring friends along the way.
We even went to Canberra to ask for a visa!!!
on a Hollywood moment,today,  I got the email that would change our life forever.
On the 100th anniversary of Canberra I became a permanent resident of this sunburnt country with red earth and blue horizons. I became a resident of Australia.
Thank you, Australia
 Sofia & Paul

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