A mecca of heavenly pastries, flawless dishes, and an abundance of wine and cheese – Paris reigns supreme on my list of top cities to eat. 

Each time, I return to Paris, I discover new dishes to fall in love with, new finds to be tasted and enjoyed during our time in Paris. Here are some of my “to die for” Paris delights.


These heavenly confections are not just morning treats. They are perfect pick me ups to go with coffee. You can find patisseries nearly in every neighbourhood of the city

  • Croissants.
    • You can find croissant au beurre and croissant ordinaire. If you thing croissant au beurre just has simply more butter you are wrong – croissant ordinarier is made out of margarine while au beurre is made out of butter. My pick: croissant au beurre!
  • Pain au chocolate.
    • It’s divine. traditionally made by wrapping 2 chances of dark chocolate in the same layering dough as the croissant, in the shape of a small loaf of bread!
  • Chausson aux Pommes.
    • You might think it’s just another fancy name for an apple turnover… ahh no! Chausson aux pommel is all of the good, warm, fussy, happy things in life baked into a flaky pastry. Made out of an applesauce- like puree as opposed to chunky bits. Plus is made with butter!


Boulangeries is your go to place for the perfect crusty, puffy, chewy, flaky taste of France. Either eat in it or grab to go.

  • Baguette.
    • when in Paris, you will be faced with an hard decision Baguette traditionelle or baguette á l’ancienne. Baguette á l’ancienne, usually my pick, is handmade slowly from the wild yeast starter which most of the times meets my dreamy expectations. The baguette traditionelle is cheaper but made with the help of machines and may not be up to snuff when compared to the other
  • Pain aux figues.
    • Fig bread combines a bread savoury taste with the sweetness of figs. Result: a wonderland of flavour!

Food on the go

You will find food carts, open air markets, indoor markets, and walk-up windows, all with an abundance of local treats: gourmet cheeses, variety of patês and foie gras, crêpes and gullets, and incredible chocolates and sweets.

  • Crepes & galettes
    • you will be hard pressed to find a Parisian creperie that is not fabulous. Both sour or sweet they are all delicious.
  • Rilles
    • similar to pate, it can be spread onto toast or crackers. If it boasts a smooth and soft texture, you know it’s been done right.

Bon appetit!

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  1. Comment by Hayat

    Hayat Reply 30/07/2019 at 11:01 AM

    Thank you for sharing your experience.However I would like it if you could share more pictures.
    After I read your post, I was very excited a bout local food in Paris because Paris is the best city to eat sour or sweet,they are all delicious.
    What is the best delicious local food for you?
    What is the best place to eat your favorite local food?

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