To the untrained eye, my passport it’s an ordinary little book. Dark cover, heavy stitching. But it happens to be the most important book I own.

It’s my identification:  it shows where I’m from, where I’ve been, and where I’m allowed to go. It takes me to places and also allows me to go home.

It’s a symbol. It’s a book of dreams, of possibilities. It has allowed me entry into more than 70 countries, accessing cultures, knowledge, and experience.

It’s a story. Chronicling my passage from one country to the next, from one year to the next. Each stamp, visa, and scratch provokes a memory, a  mixed media art scrapbook of travel memories. That’s my passport.

Travel diaries and passports that’s my thing. So you could imagine my reaction when i found out there was a passport for Lisbon!!!

lisboa passport is great for turists

Lisboa Passport

The Lisboa passport is a traveller journal for you to collect stamps for free from Lisbon greatest attractions, helping you to collect memories along the way.

The stamps are simply beautiful and designed specifically for each attraction. True art work!

Having the passport turns your stay in Lisbon into an adventure where you need to find the best routes, talk to locals and share information. You are on a mission to get the stamps while exploring the city!

lisboa passport

Memory keeper

Passports are unique, right? So more than just collect stamps, the passport has space for your own creativity: why not do some city sketching, stick tram tickets or local labels as you make your way to and from the sights? The Lisboa passport was beautifully designed to inspire you to create your own journal, with plenty of space for it! This is your journal, your personal memory keeper!

lisboa passport

For the kids

Lisboa Passport also has a kids version. If you have kids you know how much they like stamps! Noah drew on his passport and stamped it way during our stay in Lisbon. He liked the fact that he had his own passport and kept it in his little backpack while exploring the city!


Where can you get the Lisboa Passport

You can buy your Lisboa Passport at the best local shops. You can find out more on this map. The stamps are located at the best museums, monuments and tourist street shops.

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