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"We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them" -Albert Einstein

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make the most of your holiday

How To Make the Most of Your Holiday

When you arrive at your holiday destination, you probably can’t wait to head out and start seeing the breathtaking sights that are advertised in your travel guide. However, you already spent a lot of time and money planning this trip, and you don’t want it to pass you by. If you’re intentional about your holiday […]

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get fit while you travel

Top 7 Travel Time Fitness Hacks

The travel fitness hacks that you see below will be fantastic for you, and you can keep your body in shape no matter where you are travelling. You can use these few hacks to ensure that you will always have a good fitness routine even when you go out of town. When you use these […]

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rent an rv for travel

Travel Hacks – Renting an RV

There is no way to see more of a country than to cruise its road network, and there is no better way to do that than in an RV. For the uninitiated, an RV (or recreational vehicle) is quite literally a custom-built hotel room on wheels. Whether you call them camper vans or RVs, you […]

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