Lesser-Known Places That Are Great In Each Aussie State


I’ve talked a lot about Australia on my blog, but you’re probably bored of hearing about all the most popular things to do in Sydney. It’s not that Sydney isn’t worth a visit, of course, but you might want to see some of the other vast cities in the vast territories of this fantastic country. If you want to venture off the beaten track then here are some lesser-known things and places that are great in each Aussie state.


New South Wales

You might as well start with Sydney whilst you’re there. We’ll get it out of the way if you’re sick of hearing about this landmark city for which Australia is most well-known. There’s much more to see and do here than marvel at the iconic Opera House. You could go on a hot air balloon ride and see everything that lies in Sydney and beyond; New South Wales boasts a lot of natural beauty. You could even go whale-watching if you want to admire some of the natural wildlife. Don’t be so quick to dismiss this popular city; it’s a great place to begin your journey.


Northern Territory

This may not be one of the most popular states for tourist-based travel in Australia but that’s a real shame because it has just as much to offer to the curious traveler. You don’t just see magnificent and towering natural landmarks in North America; the Northern Territory in Australia has a lot to offer in that regard too. The Olgas, for example, is a collection of beautifully mesmerizing domed rocks that are hundreds of meters tall. It’s well worth strolling between them (but not on them, as they’re culturally significant).



Queensland has a lot more to offer than Brisbane. You could look into sailing tours around the Whitsunday islands because the gusty winds on the waters combined with the pleasant little harbors make for an adventurous (but safe) exploration experience. Plus, the islands are beautiful and well worth seeing. Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet are two stunning places to either admire from the comfort of your boat or on-foot if you want to take a little break from traversing the seas.

sail brisbane

Western Australia

Perth is a beautiful city but there’s a lot to see if you venture out a little further from the center of this Western Australian city. Whilst the city is very beautiful, it’s the outback which lies just beyond this hub of civilization that’s the true spectacle here. If you want to see the unfiltered side of Western Australia then you should head up the 660km Gibb River Road. It boasts overwhelming gorges along with classic bush landscapes for which Australia is so famous in films and postcards. If you want to start seeing the “real” Australia then this is where you should start.


Brown Tunnel Near Body of Water


South Australia

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is a beautiful city that is well worth visiting. Of course, you want to venture away from society and see some places that a little off the beaten track. The Naracoorte Caves National Park is a great place to start if you’re heading to this southern state. Yes, it’s a popular park amongst lovers of nature and hiking alike, but it’s a spot in Australia that might not have entered your radar of places to visit. See endangered southern bentwing bats in the Bat Cave (not Batman’s lair) and come to appreciate animals on a deeper level.



Finally, if you’re in Victoria then you have to see more than just Melbourne. Head down the Great Ocean Road. Driving down this mammoth 285km stretch of road will be the trip of a lifetime. You’ll have to work hard to keep your eyes on the road whilst passing incredibly scenery but make sure to stop frequently to admire the view from the coast. You’ll also be able to see the iconic Twelve Apostles all the way along this road.

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