Went to Lennox Head and sat down on the bench watching the surf.. an old fellow came along and started to chat with me about Lennox…
It’s a little coincidence that the population of Lennox Head is currently listed as 1973. Most of the residents of the small rural town would be happy for Lennox to remain just as it was in that year. The original home of country soul and the endless right-hander (such good surf), this land of milk and honey was the first tasted by a pair of Kiwis (new Zealanders) back in the early 60’s. In those days it literally was the land of milk and honey, as the headland at Lennox was still a working dairy farm.
But once the word got out, surfers flocked to the place and were soon dodging cowpat landmines on their way through the paddocks out to the point. Surfer need to shuffle across the notorious Lennox boulders to reach the jump-off spot.. “Nowadays is much more easy” – said the old fellow…

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