First cloudy day in a while. Noah went for a surf check with Paul. Finn and I enjoyed the morning in the garden.

The Delight of Splashing

Finn loves playing with water – he can spend hours splashing around in the pool, at the beach and in any container that he can find.

Water Play provides hours of rich and valuable experiences for babies and helps them to develop their creativity and imagination. Above all its a great sensory experience that allows you to add different textures and smells.

Today, we added limes, lemons and mint from our garden. Finn also collected some frangipani flowers – he is probably the only baby who thinks they are quite tasty!

Finn had a nibble on all the bits – he experiments the different tastes and textures and was super happy to find out that the limes were actually sweet compared to the lemons.

Children never stop surprising me!! Their creative mind is unbelievable- even as babies. When I set up this water play I had in mind a wide range of ideas on how Finn would engage and explore with the resources. But I must confess that I never thought about “stacking” lemon and lime slices! If you saw our post from yesterday, you already know that Finn is into stacking, but how cool is that he was able to transfer his learning from stacking wooden slices to stack lemons! Well done Kiddo!

From Lemon Slices to Lemonade

Noah was impressed with the lemons on the water table.

“Perfect timing for lemonade mum!”

Now we could have done lemonade in 10 minutes – I could have organised it all and it was done… but that’s not what we like to do! Let’s drag the experience, take it slow and enjoy every step of the way. Just between us, we started at 11 am and the “lemonade Stall” was officially opened by 2.30 pm.

Noah’s List | How to Organise a Lemonade Stall

  • make a sign
  • think about how much a cup costs.
  • get a machine for people to use cards if they don’t have coins
  • get cups, glass cups, plastic is bad for the environment
  • find a table
  • find lemons
  • find recipe
  • maybe sugar or honey or goji, something sweet I think
  • we need a big knife
  • we need daddy to be a customer
  • maybe a menu
  • maybe we can open a coffee shop too

Lemonade is Way More than a Drink

Making lemonade is way more than making a drink. It’s a great learning opportunity for kids. From following a recipe, to counting the lemons, to explore early maths concepts of half and whole, while talking about taste and texture.

We talked about kitchen safety while Noah used his hand-eye coordination and ability to cut the lemons and peel them.

Setting up the stall and running it during the afternoon, was the perfect dramatic play. Finn was a hard customer, who wanted to get a taste of each cup, didn’t respect the line or wait for his turn.

Paul, was a patient costumer, and I was sent to the coffee kitchen “because we can sell chicken wraps too!”

Emergency Service Rescue Crew

Funily enough, Noah wanted to share with you today his lego play. He has been building and playing with the rescue crew for weeks now.

Noah also wants you to know that all lego is on top of our dining table (even at night) so Finn can’t swallow the pieces! Safety first!

Screen Time

As you may have noticed, Noah found out today about my phone photo filters. So his screen time was at the end of the day editing the photos we took during the day. He was fascinated with the black and white version of photos.


  • Dirt Girl – Nature ; Clouds

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