Learning Another Language For Your Next Trip Fast


If you know you’re going to be heading out on a trip soon, and you know they’re going to be speaking a foreign language, it’s a good idea to get a little acquainted with that language so your trip can be as successful as possible. There are ways you can learn another language quickly, but don’t expect to be fluent unless you’ve given yourself months and months to prepare!

If you only have a short time, the tips below will help – but you must be consistent. Read on to learn what to do.


Go To A Class

A class is one of the easiest ways to begin learning a language. You’ll get lots of help here and perhaps even some one to one advice that you wouldn’t get with an online course or app. See if there are classes in your area.


Know What Sort Of Phrases You’ll Be Using Most

Know what you want to get out of the trip, and have an idea of the phrases you think you’ll be using most. What sort of questions do you think you’ll be asking, and what sort of conversations do you think you’ll be having?


Music And Movies

Listening to music in another language and even watching movies in another language with subtitled can help. You don’t need to understand it all at first, as long as you’re immersing yourself in the language.

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Throw Yourself In The Deep End

Throwing yourself in the deep end is sometimes what you need to do if you want to improve. You could try one of the many overseas language tours out there and see how you get on conversing with people and making your way around. Many people learn the best when they can fully immerse themselves in a culture – some choose to move to a country for a year!


Don’t Allow Yourself To Get Complacent

When you know your skills are no longer improving, it’s time to find a way to level up. Find something that excites you that you believe will help you to improve your skills.

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Be Consistent With Your Learning

It’s much better to do just 30 minutes each day, than a couple of hours one day and none for a few days or even a week! A small amount every day will keep it fresh in your mind. You might think one whole day of studying a language is fine for the week, but you will actually retain information better when you do a little at a time.


Don’t Let Fails Deter You

Some people simply have strange accents, or can’t simplify what they are saying so you can understand. You might consider this a fail, but don’t let it deter you from trying and learning. One bad conversation is not necessarily always your fault, so you can’t let it put you off. Stay positive and confident and just keep trying. Everybody starts somewhere.


Which of these ideas will you use to learn another language for your trip fast? Leave a comment and any tips of your own below!

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