The last stop on our easter road trip (and what a great stop) – Dorrigo National Park in the ancient Gondwana Rainforest.

Was almost dark but we wanted to stop.. jump out of the car and had a quick lok in the map to see which treks we were able to do with some daylight… (and of course we forgot our torch in the car.. the usual..) Anyway we walk along the skywalk (I was scared.. was extremelly high..) and did the birds walk.. We saw the amazing waterfalls but… suddendly it was dark.. I know that in the photos doesn’t seem like but was getting dark!!
with the mozzies chewing my bottom and walking very quick, we manage to get to the car!!!

ahhh if you are in Australia or you want to come you must get the National Park guides (they are free!!) and I garantee that you will have a big problem to choose each ones to go.. but it’s a awesome resource!!

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