Ku-Ring-Gai National Park rock engravings

rock engravings

We made the journey to Ku-Ring- Gai Chase National Park (24 Km north of Sydney) to get lost and check out some Aboriginal history.


Ku-Ring-Gai is a huge park, one you can’t really tackle in a day… and it’s the second oldest national park in Australia. It used to be home to the Garigal tribe and more than 800 Aboriginal sites have been found there.

We barely touched the surface of what is there to discover… You can hike, take in the views, head to the beach or of course, see some Aboriginal engravings and paintings. This Park is stunning and while it gets booked out really early, see if you can camp here. It has such a peaceful atmosphere.


This will be a memorable place because of its beauty.
It will also be memorable because we decided, based on Paul’s advice, I might add, that we would be ok for fuel… As we drove along the light to fill up came on. By the time we reached the park to do some trekking I was nervous… Anyway, after seeing what we wanted to, we headed off for a fuel station only to find out that it was closed as it was a public holiday. We were desperate and tried rolling down hills of Sydney to make it to the next station (now further away)! Paul seemed to have done this before which was a relief and a worry for me all at the same time…


This road trip has been sponsored by Redspot who kindly gave us a hire car for the tour.

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