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Check your passport

Of course, you know this already, that without a valid passport you won’t get very far. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months before its expiration date. Find out what kind of visa you will need to enter Canada, which will depend on your Nationality. For us was super easy, we were all able to apply for our tourist visa online.


Check Your Driver Licence

Foreign driver licence issued in English or French are accepted to drive in Canada. If your licence is in another language, you will need an International Driving Permit.


Scan your passport and important documents

To have digital copies of your passport, travel documents, and credit cards is a good idea.  There is always a chance that something gets stolen or lost when you’re on the road. I always scan my travel documents and email it to myself and my parents, just in case.


Get a Credit Card

Don’t come to Canada without a credit card. Whether you rent a car or book accommodation you will need a credit card. Credit cards and ATM offer the best exchange rates. Pick a card with low foreign transaction fees.


Automate Your Bills

Go paperless and set up online bill payments if you go for a longer trip. This ensures that you won’t miss any payments when you’re away from home.


Sort out your Travel WiFi, its cheaper to organise before you go. I will be travelling with Roam Mobile as mine “on the go” internet service in Canada.

having internet makes a bit easier when you travel with children and want to keep in touch with family. For me, internet is also essential  to keep up with my blogging commitment and more than anything will enable me to share my experience with you live!


Stay in touch


Create a Skype account for free. Skype allows you to chat, talk or video chat over the Internet with other Skype users for free. I also use

WhatsApp to stay in touch with family and friends. This messaging app lets you text, chat, share media and includes voice messages and video.


Check on Travel Apps For Canada

There are so many apps that you can easily get lost!

Here are the ones I will be using on my trip: (If you know any other app that I should download please drop me a line!)

  • Tripit: I have talk about this app before, it’s always on my phone and it’s the one app that keeps me organise. It keeps track of my flights, car rental, accommodation, train etc…
  • AirBnb: I will be staying in different AirBnb apartments. Having the app helps me to communicate with my hosts and keep track of locations and any eventual changes too.
  • Trip Wolf | Canada Country Guide:
  • Gas Buddy: This is the App for when you hit the road. It checks your location and tells you the cheapest fuel station near to you (in real time)
  • My Natural Animal Tacks: I will be doing plenty of trekking and hopefully I will come across some wildlife so I have downloaded this app to  easily identify the tracks I might come across. Search by track size and shape in seven different illustrated categories to identify over 46 animals across North America.


Read about Canada and Invest in a Travel Book

To have a good guidebook is essential It will give more ideas on where to go and what to explore. For this trip so far I’ve use the Canada Travel Guide, Travel With Children, The Travel Book, and The Best things are Free all from Lonely Planet.


Think about your camera

Make sure that your memory card is big enough and pack extra batteries. There will be situations when you don’t have access to power, and with the cold batteries might died earlier than expected. I’ll be chatting with Zé Vidal very soon about how to look after my camera in very cold weather -15C. Hopefully I will convince him to share all his expertise on a blog post 😉


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