Key Ways To Save Money On A Road Trip In Australia


Traveling around Australia can be costly. The distances between towns and cities can be huge, so expect to spend many kilometers on the roads. You will also find that many things are expensive in Australia including accommodation and fuel. Consider these tips to help keep your travel costs down.


Remember, Diesel Is More Efficient Than Petrol

If you’re still trying to locate a vehicle for your trip, then consider diesel options. The reason is that diesel engines are generally more efficient than petrol engines.

While diesel does cost slightly more per litre then petrol, it contains more energy. What this means is that you will still find it’s cheaper to travel 100km on diesel rather than petrol. To learn more about diesel vehicles check out Black Smoke Media News.

Keep Your Receipts

Supermarkets in Australia offer their customers fuel discounts. Once you finish your shopping make sure you hang on to the white slip and redeem it the next gas station.


Always Top Up In Cities And Towns

It’s expensive to get fuel in outback areas. If you do find yourself at a gas station that’s a bit off the grid, then you will be paying as much as 30% more. Do yourself a favour and always fill your tank to the brim before you venture out into the middle of nowhere.

Make Money Off Extra Seats

Australia is an international backpacker destination, and there are always travelers trying to get from city to city. Sites such as get and are packed with people looking for rides, and many of them are willing to pay a small fee. If you have extra seats then consider renting them out to help with travel costs and to enjoy some new company.


Camp Out!

There are designated camping areas all across Australia. Many of them even offer access to BBQ facilities. Now and then you should skip the hostel and hotel rooms to camp out. Just remember to bring a tent.


Hunt Around For Accommodation Deals Online

Accommodation is expensive in Australia and to get the best deals, you should compare a range of different sites. A property may appear on three different sites, but only one of them will be offering sales prices.

When not camping out, you will probably want to stay at a backpacker hostel or a hotel. Remember, many places offer large “family” rooms with three beds. If there is a group of you, then you could share one of these rooms rather than being packed into an overcrowded dorm.

If you plan to stay at a destination for more than a few days, you will find that most backpacker hostels offer weekly and monthly deals.


Final Thoughts

Australia is a beautiful country for a road trip. In fact, it’s got is all from mountains to beaches, to deserts. Just remember, to see all this amazing scenery you will want your money to go as far as possible.

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